Studying in Chemnitz

Get started and settle in How to make a good start and get ready for student life


There’s still lots to prepare

Before starting your course

Before you can really get going with your studies in Chemnitz, there are still a few things to organise. Where do I start and what do I need to think about? Finding the right student accommodation, funding your studies, taking a bridge course to refresh your existing knowledge and much more besides: everything you need to know about preparing for your degree programme can be found here, to make sure your start to university is stress-free.

How can I finance my studies?

A question of money?

One of the advantages of studying in Chemnitz is most definitely the relatively low cost of living compared to many other university cities.

Even so, it is advisable to start thinking about how to finance your studies early on. We can give you all the information you need on the BAföG (financial assistance offered by the federal government), student loans, part-time jobs and grants – so that you can start your degree programme perfectly prepared and financially secure.

Where can I live in Chemnitz?

Hall of residence, flat share or my very own pad?

Bye-bye Hotel of Mum & Dad!

You have a place at Chemnitz University of Technology and now you need somewhere to live? We’ll show you how and where you can find affordable student flat shares or a place in a student residence. Thanks to very reasonable rents in Chemnitz, even your own student flat might be a good option. Close to campus and not too expensive – here you are guaranteed to find a home for yourself while you’re studying in Chemnitz.

What is where?

Campus overview

At first glance, it’s not that easy to find your way around the campus of Chemnitz University of Technology.

We’ll explain where you can find the different parts of the university so you don’t lose your bearings and know exactly where to go. 

How do I get from A to B?

Getting about in Chemnitz

As a student, you are entitled to free bus and train travel in Germany with your semester ticket.

But for short journeys to the university and for your leisure time, it’s worth getting a bicycle.

What else do I need to think about?

It’s all about organisation

Amid all the stress of preparing to start your degree, it may be that you forget about one thing or another.

To make sure your semester gets off to a relaxed start, we have put together a few useful links and a checklist for you.

How can I prepare to start university?

You’ll soon be well on your way

All the organisational issues have been completed, and now you’re curious about getting to know your new fellow students and wondering how to prepare to start studying in your first semester?

Then you definitely shouldn’t miss Orientation Week of the International Office and the introductory events [de] for your course. Not only that, but you can also refresh your existing knowledge from school or your bachelor’s degree with a preparation course or a bridge course.

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