Time to get a job, right?

What about after my studies?

There are plenty of doors open to you once you’ve got your degree. You can find your dream job, start your own company, go into research or do something completely different. And that’s not all: from the Children’s University to the Senior College, Chemnitz University of Technology is here to guide and support you through different stages in life.

The master’s question

Should I do a master’s degree?

Once you’ve got your bachelor’s degree, you have the option to continue with a master’s programme.

You can deepen your knowledge of your previous core subject (e.g. from your bachelor’s degree), or you can head in a completely different direction with an interdisciplinary course. A master’s isn’t always essential. Although virtually obligatory in traditional professions such as law, medicine or teaching, in other subject areas, a bachelor’s degree is often all you need to find a good job. This is even more likely to be the case if you have already obtained some work experience whilst studying. If you know where you want to go, the master’s question is easy to answer. But if you’re still unsure, TU will always be here to provide excellent support and advice.

Where can I work after my studies, and doing what?

Finding the right career

A completed degree offers so many opportunities to broaden your employment prospects that it’s easy to feel a little lost.

The Career Service bridges the gap between studying and your career, providing information, advice and training opportunities. The staff in the Career Service can also answer any questions you might have about applying for a job and taking your first steps into the world of work.

Going into research

Steps to getting a doctorate

Doing a doctorate means systematically continuing your studies and heading in the direction of research.

In some subjects, such as chemistry, a doctorate is virtually obligatory. Your doctoral thesis is your independent contribution to research, in which you present new scientific findings. Once you have successfully completed and published your doctoral thesis, you may add the title “Dr.” before your name. You can get support and advice for your doctoral plans at the Centre for Young Scientists.

Starting a business after you graduate

Want to be your own boss?

Being a salaried employee isn’t for you and you really want to be your own boss?

Or you’ve got an innovative idea and would like to go it alone and found your own business? With the support of the SAXEED start-up network [de] , you can get all the tools you need to start your own company. Get some sound advice on starting a business and apply for initial financial support.

Be a part of the university after you graduate

Join the TUCalumni network.

Whether you studied in Chemnitz, worked here, completed your doctorate or qualified to teach at a German university, and regardless of how long you were here for, you are a part of our university family ‒ because you spent a key part of your life here at Chemnitz University of Technology. As a TUC alumnus or alumna, you can maintain existing contacts and establish new ones in our network of former students and staff. Keep up to date with the newsletter, on social media or at events and alumni gatherings, and remain a firm part of the TUC family

From the Children’s University to the Senior College

Lifelong learning at TUC

From the Children’s University to the Senior College, Chemnitz University of Technology is an important creative, cultural and technological engine for the city. You and your whole family can experience this first-hand in the many public lectures, seminar series and other events.

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