Studying in Chemnitz

Find your bearings and make your choice Find out why studying makes sense and how to get started


Making a decision

You’ve got a lot of questions

You’d like to study, but you don’t know whether a degree programme is right for you? Or perhaps you’ve already decided to do a degree, but you’re still unsure about which course to take? Here you’ll find the answers to all the important questions surrounding your choice. Find out what a degree programme really involves, which course is best suited to you, and what you can do with it later. Being informed is worth it. See for yourself what Chemnitz can do for your professional future – before, during and after your degree!

The fundamental questions

Why should I study at all?

Deciding whether to enrol on a degree programme or a vocational training course can be a real challenge.

You’re not sure whether a degree is right for you or even why you should choose Chemnitz for your studies? You will find answers and guidance for your path into higher education here. If you still have questions, the Chemnitz University of Technology Course Guidance Service will be pleased to help you – and you’re welcome to come and see us in person.

Studying for a degree... but which one?

Which field of study is right for me?

You’ve got no idea which field of study is right for you?

Test yourself and see which field suits you best. You’ll find all the relevant information and guidance over the next few pages.

Individualized Study Plan

Adapted to your individual Needs!

A study program that fits your needs?

Do you find yourself asking if TU Chemnitz addresses your special needs as a student? Sure! There are guidance and advice services for students with disabilities, students with children or competetive athlets. Students with work-based or familial responsibilities can also apply for part-time studies.

Finding a course

Which courses are available at Chemnitz University of Technology?

One of the distinctive features of Chemnitz University of Technology courses is their interdisciplinary nature.

This means that engineering, science and mathematics are linked to the humanities, social sciences, economics and business administration, creating unique courses that equip students for the future. Find the right course for you!

My future

What can I do with my degree?

Of course, being a university student sounds pretty cool, but perhaps you’re wondering what you can actually do with your degree later.

The employment market changes rapidly, and there are always new challenges to face. Studying prepares you for this in the best possible way.

First a bachelor’s, then a master’s…

How is a degree programme actually structured?

In Germany and other European countries, there is a two-stage bachelor’s and master’s system.

Courses are therefore comparable in both structure and quality. This enables graduates to enter employment more quickly and improves their chances on the European job market. Chemnitz University of Technology also offers diplomas on some courses. Learn how our degree programmes are structured and what a typical semester looks like by clicking the following links.

Still have questions?

Find other contacts here

So much information, but you still haven’t found the answers to your questions?

No problem: our student advisers will be pleased to answer any questions you may have and will support you before, during and at the end of your studies.

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