Join in, get involved, learn for life

Join in, get involved, learn for life

Student life is not just about reading, studying and learning late into the night. University has much more to offer than that: semesters abroad, student clubs, sports classes, language lessons and all kinds of creative projects.

You want to get involved and dive into student life with your own ideas?

Play an active part in university life

There’s much more to being a student than just going to lectures and learning!

If we’re honest, your student years are the best time to change the world for the better. There are all sorts of student initiatives you can join to meet new people, get involved in student issues and take on responsibility. If you get involved with university life beyond your studies, you won’t just benefit from it personally. It will also benefit your professional future, too. So it’s well worth joining in!

Get fit for studying with key skills

Study skills and soft skills

Study skills play an important role on your path to academic success and in your professional life.

To put it simply, they are essential for young graduates. Strengthen your skills with a variety of courses and workshops, and learn how to deal with the many different tasks you will face as a student and the demands of the world of work.

Do you want to combine your studies with a stay abroad?

Gain experience in other countries

Goodbye home, hello adventure?

A semester abroad offers you the ideal opportunity to leave behind what you know and dive into a new adventure. Whether you choose to study at one of the many international partner universities of Chemnitz University of Technology, or you do an internship in another country, your degree programme will offer you all sorts of opportunities to experience life abroad and enhance your CV. If you have any questions about studying or working abroad, the International Office provides useful advice.

You want to refresh and improve your language skills? Then you’re in the right place here.

Learning and practising a language

Language learning made easy!

The Foreign Languages Centre offers a broad range of courses that you can use to improve and expand your language skills. Best of all: courses are free for students. You can also meet international students and practise your skills by joining a language tandem.

You enjoy sport and want to stay fit? Chemnitz has plenty to offer sports enthusiasts.

Play sport, stay fit.

Whether you’re a novice or a total fitness freak, whether you prefer traditional team sports in a club or more unusual sporting activities, there’s something for everyone at Chemnitz University of Technology.

The University Sports Club, not to mention the city of Chemnitz and the surrounding region, all offer the perfect environment to get moving.
On your bike! The circular cycle track around Chemnitz takes you past venerable old buildings such as the moated Klaffenbach Castle, Lichtenwalde Castle and Rabenstein Castle, and invites you to take a short detour to Einsiedel Dam. And if you’re tired after lots of cycling, there’s always the bus or train to get back.

Culture certainly isn’t in short supply here either.

Enjoy music, drama and culture

Are theatre and music your thing?

Well, the Chemnitz campus has something to interest you! Sing in the University Choir or play in the TU’s big band orchestra. Take centre stage in a play and delight your audience. Or do you prefer a leisurely visit to a museum? It’s up to you!

Making media at TU Chemnitz

Try getting involved in TV and radio

You always wanted to do something in the media?

Then try your hand at presenting, directing or working behind the scenes on producing films or radio programmes. At TU Chemnitz, you can gain experience in the entire spectrum of media production.

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